Antelope Valley More Bounce, LLC. a Party Rental Company in Lancaster, CA

Thank you for visiting us at Antelope Valley More Bounce, LLC.

Here at Antelope Valley More Bounce, LLC., we offer outstanding customer service 100% of the time, all of the time. Our goal is to provide our customers with clean, reliable, safe products.


All jumpers are made from quality materials. Every unit has heavy duty reinforced vinyl, flexobar knotless netting, and extra strength thread. In addition to being made with fire retardant materials.


We guarantee every unit is cleaned and sanitized before each and every rental. No item will be sent out unless it has been fully cleaned.


Here at Antelope Valley More Bounce our jumpers range from basic to licensed products. All character jumpers are authentic licensed products. We will not carry any imitation characters. For Example: Do not let others fool you with their cheap "sponge guy" or "strawberry girl". Come to us for the real thing. We will not settle for less and neither should you and your family.


We are a friendly, prompt, reliable company. We serve the greater Antelope Valley and strive to keep our customers satisfied and safe. Rent one today for your Birthday Party, Family Reunion, Church, Corporate Event, or just a fun get together. We have confidence you will be satisfied with your party experience.